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Maintaining the reputation of being eco-friendly. In the case of Nike Inc. SWOT analysis and implications. Increasing marketing and overhead operating expenses: This case study has been compiled from information freely available from public sources. Apart from this, the other big strength of Nike is that it is a globally recognized brand that has top of the mind recall among consumers and the youth in particular.

While a wide spread market has meant better trade opportunities, it also entails larger vulnerability to international geo-political unrest that you might see in different parts of the world. Threats The fact that the company has a global supply chain means that it is subject to the vicissitudes of international trade practices including labor strikes in its overseas locations, currency fluctuations that decrease its margins, as well as lack of control over the geopolitical events happening around the world which have the potential to disrupt its global supply chain.

Adidas and Under Armour are also investing heavily in innovation and marketing creating competitive pressure on Nike. It can also try backward integration since it depends heavily on independent manufacturers in its supply chain.

Therefore, it has better resources for looking at research. Threat Potential The next step in the Nike SWOT analysis is no doubt looking at the potential threat that the company might face going forward. Apart from this, we are also seeing Nike making significant progress towards getting more consumers who are looking for value based alternatives at a certain price.

The self-lacing hi-top took on a life of its own, with relentless requests to Nike for the shoe to be released as a real object. Some of the countries where they have contract manufacturers include China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Nike Inc in Apparel and Footwear

In these recessionary times, it is not a good business practice to be overly dependent on one segment and hence, Nike ought to diversify horizontally as well as vertically and include apparel and other accessories. Growing online retail channel There has been a preference to shop online by customers recently.

This makes a very lean organization. The combination of retailing in third party outlets and competing brands cutting prices has made the going tough for Nike.

Nike Inc. SWOT Analysis & Recommendations

The Nike SWOT analysis, therefore, clearly highlights that the company has some great strength and growth opportunities; its threat potential is no less and could quite easily derail the overall profitability prospects. Its e-commerce websites are now active in 45 countries.

The brand works with more than suppliers across 42 nations and has strategic partnership with apparel factories in 37 countries Nike swot footwear factories in 15 countries. Strengths Dominant market position with a strong brand portfolio It is no doubt that NIKE is one of the leading suppliers of footwear for athletes all over the world.

The model developed by Phil Knight in his Stamford Business School days high value branded product manufactured at a low cost is now commonly used and to an extent is no longer a basis for sustainable competitive advantage.

This in many ways has also helped Nike to stand out as a brand amidst widespread disarray in the shoe industry. No wonder it is a brand that athletes globally choose it as the best tool for excelling professionally.

The world over, the youth especially, identify this brand with grit, strength, perseverance and excellence.Nike Company Profile - SWOT Analysis: Despite the threat of slowing growth and job cuts, Nike Inc produced revenue growth of 6% during its FY We will address these issues by performing an easy-to-follow SWOT analysis of the company, evaluating its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

NKE. A swot analysis of Nike for - check out the brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Nike has focused on product innovation and marketing for growth. The SWOT analysis of Nike discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the leading footwear brand - Nike.

Nike is the world’s no. 1 shoemaker. It designs and sells shoes for a variety of sports including baseball, golf, cheerleading, volleyball, tennis and football.

Nike SWOT analysis is one of the best examples of a great business plan reflecting the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of a company.

Every four years, Nike throws a World’s Fair for sport tech. With rivals old and new biting at their heels, c’s Gary Warnett administers a SWOT analysis to an athleisure hyperpower facing an anxious future.

Nike swot
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